Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Tale of Two Necklaces

If I could pick my two most prized purchases from my impulsive shopping spree at SM Manila with Albie the other night, they would be the two necklaces I got from Trends. I initially got the first one (a necklace with small charms and a dangling pendant) for and upon noticing the dangling pendant in the middle, an idea popped in my head.


I approached the lady that sells metal chains by the inch and ask her for an 18-incher, gold-plated chain with lock. After granting my request, I then asked her to cut the dangling pendant from the first necklace I was buying and attached it to the 18-incher, gold-plated chain. This became my second necklace. The first necklace, on the other hand, became a charmed necklace only, a classic piece if you’ll ask me.

Instead of buying two separate necklaces, I was able to turn my first necklace into two beautiful jewelry pieces. I didn’t just save money by doing this (P430 total price at 50% off), but I also got the style I wanted.

That, my friends, is the tale of my two necklaces.

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    I'm just dropping you an invite..Were having a meme every Thursdays, its called the Share-A-Thrift-Hunt Meme where we could feature thrift finds, goodies bought on sale, yard sales, thrift shops, anything bought on a good bargain. Hope you can check it out and join us =)


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