Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Trendy Shoes from TSL Fashion

TSL Fashion. I dunno how famous this brand is nor have any idea why I am blogging about it in the first place. All I know is that I bought two new pairs of shoes from the store last weekend for guess what, P150 (around $3) a pair! They had this little “sale” of several pairs of shoes piled in a rack. I noticed it easily upon entry and scanned the rack in no time. The shoes are for temporary use since you really cannot expect them to last that long. But then it could also depend on how one wears them.

fashion shoes store

The pair below is mine. I always make sure I have a white pair of shoes. White is a universal color so you won’t have difficulty matching it with any outfit. Plus, it has flat heels so you can say I chose this pair for comfort.



The other pair below, on the other hand, went to my sister Nyam. I love the pattern of the shoes. It looks formal and elegant. It’s bronze and can match many outfits, too. It has one inch heels, which is just right for short distance walking. Nyam and I are both size 7 and we switch shoes occasionally. Nice.



Anyway, TSL Fashion is located inside the 50th Avenue (a fashion place) of Robinsons Place-Ermita. It’s on the third level of the mall near the Pedro Gil entrance.

shoes on sale

the rack on sale at TSL Fashion store where I got the two pairs of shoes

I have yet to explore that area and when I do, I’ll share my insights with you.
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Friday, February 13, 2009

Tiangge at Robinsons Place-Ermita | Stuff Found in a Tiangge Place

Robinson’s Place Ermita used to be my favorite hang-out during college. It must be due to the fact that it’s just a stone’s throw away from my university on Padre Faura. Over the years, it has transformed into a posh mall with over a hundred brands and labels occupying its precious spaces. And yes, it even has a tiangge section (bazaar) where you can get great fashion deals.

tiangge sa malate

tiangge at Robinsons Place-Ermita

One time I went there, I hopped from one tiangge stall to another while looking for a black scarf for my evening gown (used at work during high-end social events). Before I got what I wanted, here are some of the snapshots I took using my camera phone:

tiangge again

shoes and boots

tiangge section at Robinsons

scarfs in many colors

The black scarf I got is dotted with faux crystals. It’s perfect for night parties as the crystals glitter like crazy, which was exactly what I was looking for. You’ll get shocked with the price, though. I bought it for only P100 (around $2). Very cheap, isn’t it? Initially, the vendor said it was P180 (around $4) but I haggled quite hard. Luckily, my haggling skills won over.


I also bought two trendy tops at two for P180 or P90 each. The black one was mine and the pink one went to my sister Nyam.

There is a lot of stuff sold at the tiangge section of Robinson’s Place-Ermita, from clothes and shoes to bags and accessories. They even have bed and bath stuff as well as home decors. Everything is brand new and sold at affordable prices. What more can you ask for?

I daresay it’s an ideal place for budget shopping.
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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Nichido Bronzing Powder for a Glowing Finish, Day In and Day Out

Nichido is one of the lower-end cosmetic brands here in Manila. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have some nice products. Take, for instance, their bronzing powder. Stored neatly in a small container, the bronzing powder does magic to the face. I love that it lasts long, like you can wear it in the morning and the glitter and shine stay the same till after office hours (my personal experience).

nichido bronzing powder, shiny and glittery

I once thought you only use bronzing powder at night but I was wrong. A bronzing powder can be used at day, too. You apply it to your face as you would apply finishing powder. It gives your face the shine it needs to help create a flawless and glowing appearance. With a good foundation (I use foundation occasionally) and a nice bronzing powder like Nichido, you’re good to go anytime of the day.

me in nichido

me wearing Nichido bronzing powder

For just P129.75 at my favorite Watson’s, Nichido bronzing powder is easy on the pocket. Smart buy, isn’t it?
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