Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fashion with Scrubs

With healthcare getting more and more importance in our lives, professional medical workers continue to be in high demand as well. Sometimes I imagine myself a nurse and I take care of the sick. I would wear medical scrubs to work and attend to as many patients as I could. It's tiring and sometimes exhausting, yes, but the financial reward and the sense of fulfillment you get are unspeakable.

I wonder how a fashionable medical worker wears a scrub. If she's a girl, she must be wearing scrubs for women. If he's a boy, maybe some scrub uniforms for men. They might match their medical scrubs with a nice pair of white shoes to look neat and feel comfortable. The girl could wear a nice pair of pearl earrings as accessory and the boy, a good-looking watch. Actually, the possibilities are endless. Just because you work in a hospital or a medical institution doesn't mean you could let go of your sense of fashion. Or so I think.

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  1. my sister who's a medical intern in a hospital likes to wear fashionable and colorful shoes since the plain white coat they wear are kind of boring according to her :)) HAHA! so yeah, i agree... working in a hospital shouldn't restrict these people :)

    <3 hazel

  2. yeah it is really true, it is so nice wearing a colorful and has beautiful design scrub suites.


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