Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Luxury Shoes and Where to Get Them Online

Just when I thought the two pairs of shoes I bought from the recent mall sale was enough, I realized I needed more. Yes, it's really true that women cannot limit the number of shoes we have. Doing shoe shopping is one thing and being able to buy the shoes you like is another. The former is therapeutic; the latter is fulfilling.

Speaking of shoe shopping, have you ever tried getting your shoes online? I have bought dresses and accessories online a couple of times, but I have only tried acquiring shoes thru the internet once. It was a pair of black, mid-calf boots from UK that served me quite well.

I love getting shoes for myself. My little shoe dream is to own a pair of luxury shoes someday. It could be a Cole Haan shoes or a Christian louboutin shoes. I saw them at Bluefly.com (an online fashion shop) and I was awed by their sheer beauty. Actually, there are tons of beautiful shoes there in varying styles, sizes and prices. Literally, the shop has something for everyone.

My ultimate obsession, though, is a pair of prada shoes that spells of glamour and elegance. My only problem is my money ain't enough to buy luxury shoes yet. Maybe someday when my job gets more financially-rewarding.

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  2. Luxury shoes and bags and one of the dreams of every woman I know. That is why I want top extend my thanks on sharing the best online shops on where I cab get these items on a very cheap price.


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