Monday, May 23, 2011

The Allure of Charm Bracelets

If you want to have a really nice piece of designer jewellery which expresses your own personal style then a charm bracelet is the perfect piece of jewellery for you. For finest quality and choice, look no further than Stephen Einhorn, based in London. The charms are all designed to the tiniest detail and handcrafted from top quality metals.

Stephen Einhorn is a socially responsible company which prides itself on its green credentials. In fact, when you buy a silver or gold charm bracelet from Stephen Einhorn, you might be surprised to learn that over 80% of the metal is recycled, meaning it has been used and reused for up to 5,000 years. You are literally owning a piece of history. Not only that, but if you are interested in the history behind the jewellery you wear

The Stephen Einhorn Thames Wood Pebble charm is another great way to wear a piece of history on your charm bracelet, as the wood is over 2,000 years old and was by the Romans to build their first dock on the Thames river. The wood is therefore unique and only Stephen Einhorn provides the opportunity to own it as part of a beautiful designer charm bracelet.

If you fall in love with Thames Wood, as many who are lucky enough to own a piece do, you could even commission Stephen Einhorn to design unique charms for you to add to your bracelet making it a truly remarkable and iconic piece of jewellery which you can add to over the years as and when you decide to buy a new charm.

Charm bracelets reflect the personality of the wearer, and like you, your charm bracelet can be completely unique and special. For this reason charm bracelets will always be a stylish and relevant piece of jewellery.

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