Friday, May 6, 2011

Shopping for Travel Clothes

It’s still summer here in Manila and I hate the sweltering heat. It doesn’t help that I don’t have any plans of hitting the beach because my priority right now is my upcoming out-of -country trip to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore in October. Yes, I’m saving up money for that. It’s my first international travel, after all. It has to be fun and meaningful and money can do wonders.

Much as I want to travel light, I know I can’t. Right now, I’m sort of multi-tasking. I’m blogging while browsing through several shopping sites. I’m looking for some travel clothes. When I say travel clothes, I mean those comfy shorts and tops that make taking long walks in a foreign place a breeze.

I also want to get new underwear. I just saw this site that sells a wide selection of clothing and apparel. I fell in love with their lovely and functional thermal ladies underwear. Look at this pair of thermal tights (got the photo from the site), for instance:


Beautiful, right? I felt like buying several pieces of this lovely underwear that’s perfect for cold weather. That, until I have realized I live in a tropical country and thermal undergarments don’t have any use to me at present. Perhaps, when I get to experience winter in foreign countries like Japan, USA or UK? I wish, I wish. Anyway, if you’re looking for them, a lot of online shopping sites have them in their inventory. Just shop wisely and choose quality over quantity at all times. Also, always do budget shopping by getting full value for your money. Take that from me, your budget shopping friend.

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