Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Purple is Love, Make It a Part of Your Wardrobe!

I used to hate purple because I thought it would just make me look darker. But recently I changed my mind, having seen it worn by a lot of people including models, celebrities, fashion icons and even bloggers. I experimented on my clothes and learned that purple (and any shades of it) can give you the essential elegance and glamour normally associated with the colors black and white. So, I decided to make purple a part of my wardrobe...for good.

purple fashion, purple trends

my Hollister purple top is paired here with a silver garter belt and a black slacks

A purple top matches black pants or white shorts while a purple dress goes well with a white cardigan or a yellow blazer. Purple also complements pink and silver items. Actually, the possibilities of incorporating it into your outfit is limitless.

Purple doesn't only have to be present in your clothing. You can buy purple accessories too, such as belts, headbands, earrings and shoes. Remember the purple sandals I bought from Feet na Fit in Tutuban Mall? It matches well with my mall outfit.

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