Monday, March 2, 2009

Myra-E Skin Care Products from Unilab: Making For a Simple Beauty Regimen That Works!

Unilab is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the Philippines. Its brand, Myra-E, is the largest Vitamin E product (capsules) in the market today. Several months ago, Myra-E had started offering skin care products under its label. From facial moisturizers, they now have hand and body lotions and just recently, shine-free face powder.

I started using Myra-E Facial Moisturizer (P70) last year. My face became smooth and the dryness had diminished. I love the scent of this product. It's so mild on the nose, unlike other moisturizers I've tried in the past. It's light and non-greasy, too. You'd never feel as if your face had layers. The fact that it has Vitamin E is a bonus. We all know what good Vitamin E does to the body. We need antioxidants like Vitamin E to fight free radicals, both from interior and exterior sources. My only complaint is that it leaves my face shiny. It must be due to the extra moisture it gives or the natural reaction of my face to the product. I'm still clueless.

Myra-E Daily Sun Protect Facial Moisturizer

When Myra-E launched its facial moisturizer with sunscreen protection (SPF15) priced at P90, I gave it a try. This way, I wouldn't have to apply sunblock anymore. Somehow, the new Myra-E Daily Sun Protect Facial Moisturizer made my simple beauty regimen easier. But as with the first moisturizer, it leaves my skin shiny as well. I hate it when my face is oily. I am anxious about it. Good thing it didn't take a long time before I felt relieved. The problem got solved when Myra-E launched its shine-free face powder.

Myra-E SHine Free Face Powder

Myra-E Shine-Free Face Powder (only P130) is the best Myra-E product ever. Just like the other Myra-E skin care products, it has Vitamin E and it's hypo-allergenic and light to the skin. It keeps the shine on my face away. It complements Myra-E facial moisturizer (the one with SPF15) very well.

Nowadays, I don't leave the house without applying these two products on my face. I never felt more confident. They serve as my simple beauty regimen. They're cheap and effective so why would I bother to buy the more popular yet pricey skin care products out there? Well, I guess it's all a matter of choice and principle. If you believe in a certain product, use it, be loyal to it and spread the good news to your friends.

On a related note, I'm not much of a lotion girl (my mom is!) so I don't see myself buying Myra-E hand and body lotion anytime soon. If you're using the product, lemme know if it's good or not.

Myra-E skin care products are available at all Watsons branches, Mercury Drug outlets and grocery stores nationwide.


  1. You know, peaking of vitamin e.. I had my uncle buy me a big bottle of vitamin e (kirkland) and since I couldn't consume it all I squezed some into my lotion. It really works wonders, you'd be surprised at the effects. You guys should try it too.

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  3. hi i really like using ur products but one of ur employee nang bastos sa amin parang nag discriminated cia kc nka upo n cu ng bigla may dumating na isa pang customer na mayaman sbi b nman sa akin pwd mamaya k n . . . ohh d vah cnu hnd magagalit dun . . . ni hnd aman nia cnavih in a nice way nahh hnd ako maoofend . . . employee din ako pero never ako ng bastos ng customer dapat bago kau mag hire ng employee dapat alam nia muna ung customer service . . . d aman sa naninira ako ayuko lng mangyari sa iba ung ngyari sa kin tnxx....


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